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Who wants to win some money ?

Who wants to win some money ?

I guess we all do ! I certainly do. For instance I love doing the National Lottery. I know that the odds are ridiculously high and millions to one, however I still do it.

As soon as I get a ticket, I actually start thinking, what would I do with all that money ?, whether it be  £1 Million or £40 Million, I do like to dream  (I would be happy with a tenner now and again, to be honest.)

So if it did come in, there is a list of homes !  a huge list of cars, a huge list of all the people, friends and family I would help. There would also be my favourite charities etc etc.

Nice to dream as I say, but down to business. The title of my post is “Who wants to win some money”

So the background to this,

Upviral Programme

I have bought a new program and it is called Upviral.  Firstly it was quite expensive for me, nearly £300 for a years subscription !

I am always scared of falling into the Shiny Toy territory and buying a dud, however i did quite a lot of research beforehand and it does get some pretty good reviews from some of the high flyers on the internet, but as importantly from ordinary people that have bricks and mortar stores.

Basically it is a platform that runs and controls competitions on the internet.  It is very clever in that done properly, the competion can really go viral and you can get a lot of interest in your business, event or whatever.

Some of the results are staggering ! – People getting 100,000 leads within a month are quite common.

Part of the idea, is to give a prize that people want obviously, and also something that has to do with your business.

Well I was racking my brains, and I could not come up with anything.  then it was like a light bulb went on.

My business is to try and help people make money on the internet, so it was obvious and so simple.


Everyone likes cash, so that is what I am going to do. I am going to do a low key competion with a relatively small amount of money, say  £100 to start, and just see how it goes. Now the beauty of this is that the numbers of people will be really small, but that means there is a REAL chance of actually winning, not a lottery type amount, just a nice sum. the odds will be REALLY good to win.

I will let you know how it goes !

I have been involved with Online Business since the start of the Web. It is a fantastic way to make a living, and the whole World can be your customer !

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