Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam ?

Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam ? Let`s see some evidence

You have probably already heard of Wealthy Affiliate ?  – You probably have an interest in making money online? but are REALLY worried that this is yet another Scam.

You are right to be careful. There are hundreds if not thousands of Scams out there ! Trust me I know, I have bought many myself.  So I am REALLY careful now.  When I found Wealthy Affiliate the first thing that struck me was how many people were already involved and yet I had not heard of it?

So is it a scam.  It really depends on your viewpoint.  I wish it was easy to say yes or no. 

In my opinion,

It is definitely not a scam in the traditional sense, For me a scam goes something like this

What is a Scam ?

There is somebody (usually handsome) A guru who promises the world and says making money online is easy, look at me There is usually a picture of a Lamborghini in there somewhere and pretty girls,  nowadays, they add Videos as well, showing a life style that yes we would all love, travel around the world, hanging around with my buddies in our Lambo`s etc.  They also highlighted in yellow (normally) the important words “get rich now”  “easy money” etc.

You inevitably pay some money and the Programme amounts to nothing.

Sounds familiar ?  I would say without doubt as soon as you see a Landing page with a Lamborghini, pretty girls and words with yellow highlights – RUN A MILE !!!

Umm, I am still not sure actually

Wealthy Affiliate is long established company and has been around since 2004 –  and they do provide a quality product, that I would say has no peers.

However, you may think, “yeah yeah heard it all before, but something just does not feel right”

I get that,  so what is it all about?  Why I am even suggesting it is a scam.

You will have done your research, you see Wealthy Affiliate everywhere and all the reviews are positive, even the pages that say WA is a scam, and then it turns into a Sales Pitch to promote it,

So this is where Wealthy Affiliate feels a little bit not right.  Go on to their website through the many links here and you will find that everybody that joins automatically becomes an Affiliate, even with the free starter account.

So they have a financial incentive to get YOU to join.  If you end up upgrading to the Premium account they earn a commission off of you.

In addition, Wealthy affiliate teaches people really well ! to rank their websites highly on Google Bing and Yahoo so just about 99.9% of ALL the reviews you see are paid endorsements.

Now, I have thought about this long and hard, I promote Wealthy Affiliate and yes if you did sign up to the premium account I would get a commission,  so are the marketing methods a bit Scammy, its up to you.

I know Wealthy Affiliate is a quality product, so I am totally confident in it.  Do I want to make some money from you YES ABSOLUTELY !

Now before you hit the back button, please hear me out.  There are MANY MANY Ways to make money online and Wealthy Affiliate will show you how.

They will show you how to create Fantastic Websites that WILL rank highly with Google Bing and Yahoo.

You do NOT have to just promote Wealthy Affiliate to be successful. There are MANY MANY ways to make money here.

You ABSOLUTELY do not have to promote Wealthy Affiliate .  I have several websites hosted by WA and the hosting is fantastic and real value for money. I sell French Reproduction Furniture through Lottie Lemon

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check that too.

So how does Wealthy Affiliate work ?

I would recommend that you just click on the link, and sign up for the free account. there are truly NO STRINGS ATTACHED, if you still feel uncomfortable use a fake name and e-mail, just check it first. No Credit Card is needed or asked for.

Your free account gives you access to hundreds of training guides, videos and you can chat to the experts on there, and trust me there are hundreds of Experts on Wealthy Affiliate.

These people will help you and answer all your questions.

It will cost you nothing to have a look, this actually could change your life !

Click the Button Now Wealthy Affiliate This will take you to my page that details all there is to know about Wealthy Affiliate