How do i get traffic to my Website ?

How do you get Traffic ?

I have been involved with the Internet now for several years, I have had various Websites and tried numerous things.

Some of the Websites were good, some OK and some a bit poor in the early days.   Trying to succeed on the Internet in my opinion is not easy.  I think the number one stumbling block or problem most people face, and definately including me, was yes you guessed it.

TRAFFIC ! or the lack of it.

Without traffic, you are quite literally dead in the water.  You may have a fantastic looking website with all the bells and whistles but without traffic you are sunk.

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So how do you get it.  There are various ways,  the best by far is to do good SEO (Site Engine Optimisation) and get to the front page of Google or Bing etc. naturally.

Doing this will without doubt get you bucket loads of traffic.  SEO is a very detailed subject as you probably know and it takes a lot of work and a lot knowledge to get anywhere near the front pages of Google or Bing.  So for this post I will not go into it too deeply.

Facebook, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Instagram and Pinterest

Worth the money?
Facebook Advertising

One of the other ways to get traffic is to pay for it.  All of the above companies and many more have schemes in place where you can buy an ad and promote your site that way.   This works well, but guess what


No wonder Facebook and Google are two of the richest companies in the world. They are because you are paying for it.  PPC  (Pay per Click) is one of the best known methods. This is where you pay Facebook or Bing whoever, every time someone clicks on your ad.  It can cost a few cents per click or a few dollars ! depending on what your niche is.

Now remember this is just for a person clicking on your site, they might only be on 5 seconds, not like it and go elsewhere. That Click is expensive.  It obviously works, but I would imagine if you are reading this, you are not a Corporate Giant who has a fortune to spend on advertising. I would guess like me you are just an ordinary Joe or Jane, just trying to get a living with a nice website.

So for us, what are the alternatives? -Most people have heard the saying

” The Money is in the list ! “

This basically means that if you have a list of customers e-mail addresses, you will make money, and not only that, having that e-mail means you can keep contacting that customer (But NEVER spam them) whenever you have another offer for them.

There is a great saying that

“If you want to be successful find someone that has achieved the results you want, copy what they do and you will find the same results”

But if you do not have a huge list yourself what do you do ?

The Money is in the List !
Build your e-mail list

It is a bit of a twist of the saying above, but why not use somebody else’s list.  Yes of course you have to pay to use it, but if it works and you get sales ! great everyone wins !  the end result is that done correctly you will also begin to make your list own larger and larger.

So the big question, Who do you trust to use their list ? –  This is difficult.

You HAVE to find Genuine people.

You have to find people with REAL e-mails to send your info to.

You do not want TRAFFIC BOTS – These appear as real e-mails but are not

You want your ad to be seen in the countries where you have people that are willing to buy something from you.

These are called Tier 1 countries and include the USA Canada the UK and Australia amongst many others.

For me, I like to go to well established companies that can prove their worth.  I looked at many but went for the biggest and in my opinion the best.

This is Udimi.  –

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads

Udimi offer numerous Sellers who will send an e-mail to their list and they guarantee the amount of people who will actually read it and then click through and land on your page.

Obviously there is a cost, but compared to Facebook and Google etc, these charges are much smaller.

There is a good chance that you yourself, probably came to my website, from an Ad that I placed on Udimi.

I have had great success with them, and have an Ad running most of the time.  Once you go on the site you will see the Bio’s of all the sellers on there and just like any other recommendation site, you need to find a Seller who has a good track record.  You must read the reviews and pick the people that have PROVEN Results.

Udimi take their reputation very seriously and they check out all the Sellers thoroughly.

Now, their Website is not bright and shiny and looks a bit drab to be honest, but do you know, that does not worry me. I would rather have good content, than a shiny website.

So whats to stop you? – Get Going – When you first see that traffic coming to your site and they are connected, you will feel great, and you will know that all that work you put into your site is finally paying off !!

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads