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Can you make money Gambling?

Can you make money Gambling?

Can you make money gambling

Hold the Front Page !

Update ! Today is Sunday 14th October. If you read my post below, you will see that I am very interested in Gambling, but I wanted to find a way to do it that gave me an “edge”

I  have actually found something that actually really works !

It is called Match Betting.

Match Betting is actually NOT Gambling, it is a procedure where you actually place two bets on the same race.

One is for a specific result, and one is against that result.

You use online calculators which quickly tell you exactly how much to bet and where.


Because you’re placing these two calculated bets at the same time, they cancel each other out, so you don’t lose money.

I will update you with all the details as soon as I have researched the company that I am looking at thoroughly.  

So sorry for the Big Delay, it is now Nov 14th !! Where does the time go ? – So I have been looking at this site for about a month now and what a month it has been !!

This is SO GOOD I am going to do a whole new Post on this !!  – see my latest Post.  and yes did I make any money…………………… Oh YES !!

Original Blog

I wonder how many people have said that? that you “Can you actually make money Gambling? – I have asked it myself.  I have always wondered how do they do it !

Of course there are some Superstars as with nearly anything. You will get the people who are at the very top, that can’t seem to lose. Is it that they are just Lucky, or very clever or cheats ?  –

Then there are a lot of people in the middle who do OK, jump in and out and win now and again and then there are people at the bottom, who never seem to win.

So where do I put myself, its a good question.  I would say i am in the middle….ish

One thing I do know is that I am not naturally lucky in Gambling. I am lucky in a lot of other ways for sure, but not with Gambling. So what did  I do?

I looked for some help from the Experts, those guys at the top and I found them !  But first a really important message.

When the fun stops – STOP !

I have known people, in my own family, who have spent ALL their wages at the Dog Track on a Friday Night, and gone home looking at the pavement trying to find their Bus Fare. Not a good place to be. So first and foremost, as they say on the Ads, WHEN THE FUN STOPS – STOP !

Gambling is really exciting ! but you have to be measured. Only lose what you can afford.  So moving on I must tell you my best story.

6 in a row !


The best lucky streak I ever had was in Liverpool many years ago. I am from London but went to Mabel Fletchers College in Liverpool (what a great name !) We called it Auntie Mabels.

I remember that I had to meet someone at the college in the late Afternoon, and I was really early, actually hours and hours early, so to bide my time I went into the Bookies that was close by.

I bet on the first horse, I can’t remember the name, it won, the second won and then the third.  Can you believe that ! I was now getting so confident I could not lose.

So for the Fourth race, I bet on a horse called Peter The Butcher at odds of 20 to 1 –  yes –  20 to 1 and now you are asking did it win, YES  and I did not even do it each way. straight on the nose and it stormed in at 20 to 1 – It did make me smile.

I went to the desk and cashed in. The Girl behind the counter was amazed, 4 winners on the trot. Now the unfortunate thing was that I did these bets individually, If ONLY I had done an Accumulator, Yank or whatever.  Anyway I was happy with the winnings.

I still had some time before my meet, so I stayed in the Bookies, and placed 2 more bets, and yes they both Won !

It could have been 100k !

To this day, I dont know how I did it. I did not know anything about form, or the jockeys or anything else. It was pure Luck.  I was told later on that if I had done an Accumulator, especially with the 20 to 1 Winner in there I would have cleared £100 thousand – Imagine !

I have got close since, but never 6 in a row. As I said I am lucky in that I knew that that was a one off.  I know I am not overly lucky, but I do like a wager, so what I did was seek some help. I looked at the Pro Tipsters and yes there actually are some good guys and girls out there.

Now to me, the only way you can follow these guys is by looking at their results.  They are putting their name out, they stand or fall by their results. IF and it is a big IF they consistently win, then you stick with them .

So Which Pro Tipster Did I pick ?

It was not easy, I looked at various Websites and kept coming back to this one.  Betting Gods. They have a great reputation and have been around for a long time, so that is good.

Now it is early days for me, I have only just joined, but I will let you know how I get on in the following weeks. It will be an adventure for sure. I will let you know good or bad how I get on !

Here is their website Click Here!

I have only gone for the 3 month offer, just to try them out. It cost me £15 (inc VAT Tax, I am in the UK.) Which is SUPER CHEAP !

They do offer up sells straight away, which I understand and there was one for a single pound for their “Top Rated Runners” so I went for that also. I actually thought that was also a one off for 3 months also, but it actually was for the monthly subscription.  I will see how that goes and let you know if I keep that going.

My advice here is READ the offer before you hit the up sell button, to be honest I did not read it properly, so it is down to me for sure.

So this is exciting ! – Lets see what Betting Gods are made of !!

Profit or loss, I will be absolutely honest. I will tell you EXACTLY what I bet on and what happens. Today is Saturday 22nd Sept. Come back next Saturday and I will tell you how I got on.

So this is Sunday 23rd Sept

I backed Traditional Dancer at 5 to 1 and Edgar Allen Poe at 7 to 2 at Hamilton Race Track  with a £5 Double – Result Both LOST ! so we are not off to a good start.

Lets see what happens this week.

So sorry for the delay, It is now Thursday 26th Sept 18

I bet on 2 races yesterday with very different outcomes !

So for the first one, I bet on Welsh Lord in the 3.45 at Lingfield. Now this is a horse I would never bet on as the price was 1 to 2 on and to me it offers no value. However as I am doing this project, I thought I would stick with the tip. Guess what, it LOST ! a 1 to 2 on Favourite.

I must say I thought, this tipping service does not seem to work ! – So a bit deflated, I checked the other tip that I had been given

This was Keswick in the 2.20 at Lingfield. This was at 11 to 2 – I did £5 Each Way and this Won. it returned £44.38 !  so I am actually in profit.

So my faith was restored, for the most part !

So what I know that this is a Roller Coaster ride ! – I will stick with it and see where it goes.

Update Friday 28th Sept –

Really bad day today, bet on three horses and they all lost. Not sure about this now at all.  I wonder if it is me, and my famous “not being lucky” is really kicking in, or are the horses they are suggesting not up to it?

As with all things, it is really EASY to jump ship, say “this is a load of old crap” and move on, but I will stick it out and see how we go.

It is only the first week really. I am still a little bit in front so lets see.  Big day today Saturday 29th Sept, they are promoting about 10 different horses. Now do you do them all or just pick one or two? mmmmn ?

I will let you know.

So its been a good few days, I have done various bets, but generally the results were poor.  Most of them lost, now I dont know if they were just having a dry spell. I guess it happens to the best of us.

So the plan going forward is just to keep an eye on the results but not actually put any money on !  –  What I will say about Betting Gods is that they provide a great service whereby if you just sign up to their Newsletter, they will send you Free Tips every day !

So that is the service I am going to concentrate on and just see how they go. I thought long and hard about taking the link off of the site, but I thought people could still click through and at least get the free betting tips. As I say I signed up for the free bets and I can tell you, there is no catch to it. They just send the selections to you every day (some days they will actually not fancy anything at all and they will not send a selection )

Its worth a look at least. If I start seeing a change and some good regular winners going in, I will tell you.

So Good Luck.

If you want details of Betting Gods, click the link below.

Click Here!

So I am still VERY interested in joining a successful betting service and I am currently looking at another service that really make some big claims.  It would be easy to get cynical and think, all of them are only after your money, but the good thing about the Betting Services is they cant hide ! What I mean by that is, that it is all about results !

They are either good at what they do, or they are not. It is all in the results. There is no “well you did not follow the program” or “you did not do this” etc.  this service says you do not have to have any experience, you dont need to actually “do” anything, they just tell you what to bet on and there you go !

The service I am looking at says that they have many many punters who have stayed with them for years, so that is a good sign. You would not stay with a service that did not produce results would you ? – It would be pointless, obviously.  They also have a refund rate of  less than 4% which again is actually fantastic.

So I am going to check them out a bit more and let you know. It should be exciting for sure !

Come back to this spot for more info.

If you have read some of my other pages, you will see that the Silver Money Tree is a website that offers various ways of making money online, much more stable than Betting to be honest.  Here is the link for one of the main pages – The Number 1 Affiliate Training in the World

To finish off my article,  making money gambling I think is possible, but I intend to do it as a bit of fun and a bit of side income. I don’t for one minute think it will be my main source of income, but it is always good to have DIFFERENT sources of income, and I will tell you why.

The Financial Crash of 2008

I learnt early on, that you MUST have various sources of income.

In 2008 I had a Chauffeur business with 35 Drivers and about £2 Million pounds worth of cars.  For all this I had ONE Customer, an American Airline, if you notice the date, 2008 this was the time of the financial crash, that wiped out Lehman Brothers etc.

Guess what, my one customer, this American Airline went bust also, and with it so did I .

Lesson learnt, WHATEVER you do, don’t depend on one source of income.

I have been involved with Online Business since the start of the Web. It is a fantastic way to make a living, and the whole World can be your customer !


  • Helen Doyle

    I don’t bet anymore. When I was at university I worked at the state TAB, the government betting agency. I came across so many people who just had to cover every race. But when they did win the returns were usually much smaller than the outlay.

    I did have one instance where a big punter put huge bets on two horses. He had $10,000 left in his account and asked me to suggest a horse to put it on. Not only did this put me on the spot but it was a big no-no. He persisted so I carefully worded my (recorded) response so the powers that be absolutely knew this was his request.

    His two bets blew it. My suggestion won and retrieved all his money! Now why could I never do this for myself.


    • admin

      Hi Helen

      Thanks for this, Wow that Punter with the 10k – I totally get what you say about people covering every race, and yes Gambling can be addictive for sure. I am looking at the Pro Betting Side as a Project and am going to be totally honest in the review. At the moment, I am bang in the middle, not sure if it will work or not. I actually lost on an Odds On Favourite yesterday, and then won on an 11 to 2 pick, so it is a Roller Coaster for sure. At the moment I am in profit. I am only betting relatively small amounts, £5 per race, so as I say it is a project. I don’t think I will be able to retire doing this, for sure.

      I am really lucky in that I do not have an addictive personality and I do know that I am not naturally “Lucky” so that is why I am doing the project, just to see. Thanks again for the comment.

  • Darla Wimberly

    Interested in Gambling as well . I’m really interested in the online Virtual Casino Slots .Myself . Thought I’d reply to your Post.
    Thanks and Happy Gaming

    • admin

      Hi Darla

      Thanks for the note. Not sure if you are in the UK, but Match Betting (only in UK) is a great way to make money at the Bookies. Done properly you cant actually lose ! – I have done the Casino Slots myself, and they can be great fun, but be REALLY CAREFUL, you can spend an awful lot of money very quickly. Dont get sucked in ! –

      All the best,


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