The Number One Affiliate Training Program

So firstly, Thank you for visiting my site, my name is Richie Reddington and I want to say hello !

I would imagine that if you have arrived on this page you are interested in making money online ?

I would further imagine that like me, you may have tried a few things, or a lot of things and some worked and some did not go anywhere ?

To tell you the truth, it is hard isn’t it, I mean REALLY Hard.

I tried scores of things myself and NOTHING really worked. I got dejected gave up, thought of the alternatives (not good) and so started again.

Then I was lucky, I don’t even remember how I found it, but when I did it changed everything………………..

I found this !

The Number One Affiliate Training Program in the World


That sure is a big claim ! but I am happy to say,  I truly believe that.  I will show you here in this post what Wealthy Affiliate actually provides.

I so believe in the program, that I do not compare Wealthy Affiliate against any other programs. there is no need.

Get all the info here
Get all the info here

I think people are quite, as we say in the UK “savvy” now to Make Money Schemes on the Internet,  I think the majority of people who are interested in working from home, have probably tried various things, and now know if something is good or bad. They also know a fake review when they see it !

For sure in the past, I have bought so many “Shiny Toys” (rubbish programs) it was frightening, so it came as a joy for me to finally find a site, that said,

“Hey take a look at EVERYTHING on offer here, no Teasers or Testers, it is totally free to check us out”

Yes I bought all the Shiny Toys (programs that promise the Earth)

How many of us bought a programme,  spent the money and then found it was truly AWFUL ! –  I think the craziest thing I bought was a program that promoted cute cats on Facebook.  People love cats, I love cats, so the idea was that people would click on your Facebook page, give you a like or something, and this then somehow changed into making you some money was ridiculous. I obviously did not make a dime !

A program you can ACTUALLY believe in

So to Wealthy Affiliate !

First off, it is totally FREE to join, No strings attached, no Credit Card Required, just an e-mail address and name. If you are really unsure to give your real details use a false e-mail just to see what you get.  I would say that you don’t need to, but some people don’t want to give personal info out, and I get that obviously.

So when you sign in, you will see EVERYTHING that is on offer. In my experience, this is very unusual.

Most of these Programs will give you a tease, or a taste, but never the whole program. I am English so I usually write the word Programme, but I think as this Website is seen all around the world, I will use Program.


So this is another thing. You can do this training ANYWHERE in the world, there are no limitations, as long as you have got an Internet connection you are good to go.

How cool would it be to be sitting on a beach, using your lap top and building a business.

(when I first wrote this column I was actually in Pollenca Majorca on holiday, but I still found time to write !

So back to business, What do you get ! – There is a Detailed Chart below and shows what you get on the FREE Program compared to the PREMIUM Sign up

Please remember if you want to go Premium, your first month will only be $19 Dollars,  the price of a good lunch ! or half a lunch in Pollenca haha ! (it is really expensive !) 

So If you look below, you can see EXACTLY what you get with both promotions.

The Starter pack is actually brilliant, if you are new to Affiliate Marketing or even just wanting to tip your toes into the internet and gain a presence on line, then just sign up to the free version. If like me you really fancy this, after you have checked out the free version, go for the Premium. I actually signed up the very next day, and I am still there.

Wealthy Affiliate
Wealthy Affiliate


So for the Premium Account it is $49 per month. Now I know for a lot of people that is a stretch, but if you tried to start a Bricks and Mortar Business, how much would that cost !

Wealthy Affiliate are so sure that you will like the Premium Program that for the first month, you can join Premium for $19 – if you dont like it, just cancel straight away. NO MORE MONEY WILL BE TAKEN FROM YOUR ACCOUNT

Starting a Proper Business on line does cost money obviously,  but just look at one aspect of the Premium Account.   You can host 50 yes 50 ! Websites on the Premium Account, and that cost is built in to your $49 monthly fee.  –  Do you know how much that would cost on Go Daddy or Hostgator ! and with all the extras, that are absolutely free, For me that is actually worth the monthly fee alone.

Website Features & Benefits

Wealthy Affiliate
Wealthy Affiliate

A Website Platform You Can Grow With

As your business grows, your website platform is going to need to grow with you and allow for higher traffic websites, and more websites.
You can run several multi-million dollar websites from ONE platform in SiteRubix. You will not outgrow the platform here and as a Premium member you can host up to 50 websites total.
If this does not Blow you away, then I dont know what will !

3,000+ Beautiful Website Designs

Your website design is something personal and it is nice to have choice. As a Premium member you are going to have access to over 3,000+ beautiful themes. These themes are “mobile” ready and there is a design available for every type of niche website.

51,973 Website Feature “Add Ons”

There are over 51,000 “feature” extensions available within Premium that you can use to ENHANCE your website in every imaginable way. Everything from building membership sites, adding shopping carts to your site, image/design plugins, font plugins, and plugins for managing social aspects of your business. These are FREE and installed on your website with a click of a button!

Site Domains, The World’s Only All Inclusive Domain Platform

With our domain platform at you have access to all the features you would expect other domain registrars to charge for. Included with every domain is WHOIS Privacy Protection, 24/7 Support, Next Year Guarantee Pricing, Domain Security, Unlimited Email Accounts, & Advanced DNS Management & Instant Set-up. As a Premium member, you will have access to all of these features for no extra cost with any domain that you register through SiteDomains!

Site Speed, Amplify Your Website Speed

A fast website is a higher ranked website. A fast website is also one that offers a much better visitor experiencing, leading to more “time on page”, more people reading your content and more conversions. The SiteSpeed feature will lead to the fastest website load times in the industry. We guarantee it.

Site Protect, Increased Spam Protection

Website security is becoming more and more important to the overall success of a website. The SiteProtect feature at Wealthy Affiliate adds a three-point protection layer on your websites. Comment Spam, Back Office Hacking (passwords), and Website Load Speeds (Botnet Attacks). These are the three ways hackers look to wreak havoc on your business and we protect you from all of these with the SiteProtect platform.

SiteHealth, Website Analysis

There are many ways that you can determine the overall health of a website and WE track those for you within the SiteHealth platform. These include publishing frequency, content quality, visitor engagement/your engagement, plugins, website feedback, Google rankings and overall trust. Anything that can be tracked, can be improved upon and Site Health will help you do this with great efficiency.

Site Comments, Explode Your Website Engagement

More engagement, leads to better rankings in search engines. Engagement leads to trust. Trust leads to conversions. Conversions lead to revenue. Within Wealthy Affiliate Premium, you have access to our “comment exchange” platform that will help you efficiently amplify engagement on your websites.
Choose the number of comments you want, set the task, and hours later watch the comments come in.

Site Feedback, A Focus Group for Your Website

One thing that is important when analyzing your website, is understanding how customers behave on your websites, how they react to your design, your navigation the overall flow. The Site Feedback platform is going to allow you to get community feedback from REAL people in respect to your website, allowing you to efficiently improve your site design & conversions.

Advanced Website Training

There are hours of video training and 100’s of training modules that you will get instant access to that will help you become an EXPERT with WordPress. As you move through the core training you will naturally be well versed, but the advanced website training will take you to the next level in terms of skillset. No technical skills required. 🙂

SiteSSL – Free SSL certificates (Website Encryption)

Websites with SSL installed on them are starting to rank much better than non-SSL websites in search engines! With SiteSSL you can set up SSL certificates for completely FREE on any domain that you own. It is instant and we have broken the convention because these are typically “paid” services elsewhere (typically $50 per year, per domain), but completely included in the Premium membership for any domain that you host.
I have tried many Website Hosting companies over the years and NONE of them come close to this ! –  the Premium Membership is worth this alone !
and remember you can host 50 Websites that will all get this support.

So what else do you Wealthy Affiliate give you?

So As i Say the Website hosting is Phenomenal !  The best I have seen.  I have used their Technical Dept on 3 occasions now, and they literally came back to me in minutes, and sorted out my websites. Brilliant, I don’t want to disrespect Go Daddy or Hostgator, but they do not come close to this excellence in service.

Do you know they have not increased their prices in 12 years ! – Now sorry I am a bit cynical so my first thought was “I bet they were bloody dear then at the start !” but when you look at what you get, it is money well spent.  I have seen other companies and they charge THOUSANDS of pounds for this type of info and support.

Live Weekly Classes !

So yet another thing, every week there is a Live Class, now I have been around a bit on the Internet and have seen this before, oh “Join our Webinar, now” starting now etc, and it is just Pre Recorded Bullshit to buy the course in the first place. This is different, This is actually live, it is meaningful and it is true. It is true Learning, how to improve, how to do this, how to do that, and it is promotion free !

A Million people know about this

Do you know that over a Million People have signed up to Wealthy Affiliate !, yes a million. Now when I first heard that, to be honest it put me off, I thought there is no more room for a little guy like me !, but they explain quite clearly that there are BILLIONS of people out there that want to make money online, so there is plenty of room for us ! to give them what they want.

Do you know what I also really like, if like me you have been around the internet a while, you will know about the Up Sell, the famous Up Sell where as soon as you sign up, you are bombarded with “Yes this is good BUT ” “if you just pay this amount you can gain access to out Diamond Backed, 24 Carat Gold, Super Dupa Scheme” Blah Blah Blah,

That does NOT happen at WA  there are No up sells – yes NO UPSELLS ! – it is a true community or people just brought together who REALLY want you to succeed, and more than anything, it is REAL and HONEST with no bullshit up sells.

Get all the info here
Get all the info here

So Lastly, if you do sign up, I am with you ALL the way. I will help you as much as you need. If you succeed I succeed, its simple. So if you are unsure just contact me on the links.

This just might change your life !


the Owner of Silver Money Tree
Richie Reddington